Fighting for Families: Meet Sollievo

You’re a mom and wife. You understand the benefits of living a healthy life and you indulge in activities that promote overall health. Then, one day, you decide to grow your family and have a child. Despite living in a big city with pollution, you use products around your home that make it feel fresh and clean.

But as your child ages he begins to experience adverse reactions to dust and other “smells”, as he calls them. Out of commitment to your child’s well-being, you ask yourself: why is this happening?

You begin to research dust. Pulling that thread you learn about air purity, mold, fragrances and toxins in household chemicals and other irritants that linger around the home.

You’re obsessed.

You continue down the rabbit hole of “things you never realized were harmful” and there’s a lot of ground to cover. It’s then you come across an article on heavy metals. As a precaution, you decide to get some blood work done to test for them.

The results are shocking!:

You require immediate medical attention due to heavy metals in your blood.

Why? The question continues to ring in your head. What’s going on?

As you continue to look into it you remove every layer of preconceived notion you’ve ever had about what it means to live a healthy life. Your whole world is turned upside-down. What started passion for a healthier home transcended into a whole new worldview. What you’re now concerned with is reducing your carbon footprint and creating a healthier world while empowering more parents to do the same.

This is our true story, Tracy and Joe, the founders of Sollievo.

Meet Sollievo

Sollievo literally translates to relief in Italian. And what it means to us is relief on a number of home fronts:

  1. Relief from allergens in the air we breathe
  2. Relief from hidden chemicals
  3. Relief from the anxiety of not knowing why

When we learned about our son’s sensitivity to allergens, we began to ask ourselves a number of questions. As we started to wonder if heavy metals were in the water we drink, we questioned even more. And the questions didn’t stop.

  • Does our water filter protect us from toxins?
  • Could plastic trash from convenience products be a source of pollution in the water?
  • Why are our oceans being used as a repository for so much trash?
  • What effect is this having on our family?
  • What are the best quality products we can use in our home?
  • What things we could do better as a society to reduce waste and chemical run-off?

These are the questions we wanted to answer when we started our Sollievo journey. Not just for ourselves, but for you and your family too.

Today, we are in the business of providing the highest quality, chemical free, limited waste products to Mommy Warriors and Daddy Warriors.

These are parents who relentlessly aspire for healthfulness against the odds. They are endlessly pursuing the best life for their families while trying to do their part for the planet. Clean air, clean water and a safe home aren’t luxuries. They are necessities.

We help provide relief to all families so that they can have peace of mind each day.

That’s our story, what’s yours? Click here to contact us with your personal experiences and anecdotes as a Mommy or Daddy Warrior.

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