We are

Clean Chemical Free. It has never been simpler.

Our Story

“Seeing our young son rub his eyes after we cleaned….. we needed to find a healthier and chemical-free alternative!”

As parents, we don’t see a clean, toxin-free home or the safety of our children as luxuries — they are necessities! Sollievo means ‘relief’ in Italian. And our mission is to provide relief so you can build your gentle, non-toxic and healthy sanctuary you and your family deserve.

We spent years educating ourselves and tested and tried the best solutions. We found what worked best for us and made it our mission to help others.

We have 3 main criteria for anything we create:

  • Amazing quality and durability – we don’t like to have to replace something that wears out quickly.
  • Easy to use and take care of – we are busy people and we want something that works well and is easy to use.
  • Reusable – our impact on the environment is important to us. We focus on reusable products so we can manage our household budget better too. 

Everything we create is used in our own home every day.

Living in a chemical-free home and removing harsh chemicals is the best decision we made for ourselves and our son. If we are able to help just one family reduce the use of chemicals and save money this will be a success for us.  Ensuring our homes are clean is more important than ever.  We want to educate and inspire more families to live a cleaner, affordable, and toxin-free life.

Please join us on our mission and spread the word!


Joe and Tracy

The Founders of SOLLIEVO